Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boniko Store opens!

Just like the TV soap theme song lyrics state...
Neighbours, Everybody needs good neighbours
With a little understanding
You can find the perfect blend
Neighbours...should be there for one another
That's when good neighbours become good friends

You get the drift!
Well we are pleased to announce the newest retail addition to the St Georges Road precinct where Muscrats resides.

The sister duo Rio and Mel create oh so cheeky and desirably organic sock wear!
If your saying well "socks are socks" you my friend are wrong.
Simply follow a few simple instructions on the packaging and voila! You have your very own certified sock creature pet!

The full range is made from 80% organic cotton, 15% stretch nylon and 5% polyurethane. All dyes used are low impact on our precious environment.

So hop, skip, run or dowhatever feet do when they are excited...down to Boniko and check out all the little goodies they have on offer!

We love new neighbours!
A: Shop 2, 347 St Georges Road
Fitzroy North VIC 3068
E: info@imagineboniko.com

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